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How can I earn the CB- PMO® Certification?

This certification is divided into two parts:

  • CB-PMO® Training from PMO Global Institute Authorized Trainer
  • CB-PMO® Examination

Once you complete the certification training, you will be eligible to sit for the exam within 3 months from the completion date.

Are there any prerequisites for this certification?

  • Any project management professional having at least 5 years of Project Management Experience can pursue the CB-PMO® Certification.
  • Need minimum of 21 hours of formal PMO training from PMO Global Institute authorized trainer.

How can I maintain the certifications?

  • Report 30 hours of PMO Learning and implementation experience in a 3 years period
  • Pay a renewal fee of $89 dollars every 3 years.

How much do I need to pay for the certifications?

  • The certification is divided into two parts: Training and CB- PMO® Exam
  • The Training cost varies depending on partners and regions. But in general it cost US$1499 and the Certification Exam fee is US$499

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