This Code of Professional Ethics is established by PMOGI to serve as a reference for members of the association and/or those who have earned its accreditation.

As project management office professionals, we are dedicated to acting morally and honorably. We have high expectations for ourselves and strive to live up to them in all spheres of our existence, including our careers, homes, and personal relationships.

The standards we set for ourselves and our fellow project management professionals around the world are outlined in this Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. It outlines the principles we strive to as well as the conduct required of us in our volunteer and professional responsibilities.

This Code is meant to boost one’s confidence in the field of project management and make one a better practitioner. By fostering knowledge of acceptable behavior throughout the whole profession, we achieve this. We think that the cumulative behavior of individual practitioners shapes the credibility and reputation of the project management profession.

By adhering to this Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, we firmly believe that we may progress our profession on a personal and professional level. We also think that this Code will help us make sensible judgments, especially in trying circumstances where we might be asked to sacrifice our morals or integrity. It is our intention that this Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct would inspire others to research, think through, and discuss morality and values. In addition, we anticipate that this Code will eventually be applied to advance and develop our profession.

  1. PMOGI Members, Non-Members, Chapter Leaders and PMOGI certification holders shall:
  2. Encourage compliance with applicable standards and procedures and support their implementation.
  3. Carry out their responsibilities with objectivity, effort, and professionalism in accordance with the standards of their profession.
  4. Serve in the best interests of all parties in a legal manner, uphold the highest standards of morality and character, and avoid bringing the Association or their profession into disrepute.
  5. Unless disclosure is mandated by a legal authority, maintain the privacy and confidentiality of information gathered during the course of their activities. Such information may not be disclosed to unsuitable parties or utilized for personal gain.
  6. Maintain competence in their particular domains, and they agree to limit their participation to tasks that they may fairly anticipate to be able to perform with the requisite knowledge, expertise, and abilities.
  7. Inform the proper parties of the work’s results, including all material information in their possession that, if concealed, could skew the results reporting.
  8. Encourage stakeholders to pursue professional education so they can better comprehend governance and management

This policy also applies to anyone who fits one or more of the following requirements but is not a PMOGI member:

  • Non-member who holds a PMOGI Certification
  • Non-members who apply to commence a PMOGI Certification Process
  • Non-members who serve PMOGI in a volunteer capacity

Policy of Neutrality

PMOGI is dedicated to objectivity by fostering an atmosphere free from prejudice and discrimination for all members, candidates, employees, volunteers, subcontractors, vendors, and clients. The employees, management, and board of directors of PMOGI are aware of the value of maintaining objectivity when conducting certification activities, handling conflicts of interest, and ensuring certification objectivity.

Non-Discrimination Policy

As an equal opportunity employer, PMOGI forbids discrimination of any kind in all areas of its business, including but not limited to its operations, policies, practices, and vendor relationships. All PMOGI workers, members, candidates, and supporters are subject to this policy.

PMOGI Anti-Harassment Policy


The PMO Global Institute Inc. (“PMOGI”) is a company that supports and promotes open, engaged, and fruitful communication among its directors and officers, members, staff, and the general public. All such collaboration shall be undertaken in a professional and businesslike way for the advantage of the Organization. All those working with PMOGI or on its behalf must be aware that appropriate behavior is expected at all times and that any harassment and/or offensive behavior is not permitted.

All such persons shall be diligent in discouraging and refraining from engaging in any prohibited sexual harassment or other prohibited harassing conduct, as defined below. Anyone found to be acting in violation of this expectation will be asked to stop immediately and/or correct the problem, failing which they risk losing their affiliation with PMOGI and/or their right to act on behalf of or in collaboration with PMOGI.

Harassing Conduct

Any harassing activity that intimidates offends, or creates a hostile work environment for directors, officers, members, staff members, or any people working together on behalf of or for the benefit of PMOGI or its members is expressly prohibited by PMOGI. The term “harassing” or “otherwise inappropriate conduct” refers to any verbal or physical behavior that denigrates or expresses hostility or aversion toward a person because of that person’s race, skin color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic of that kind. Slurs, jokes, crude cultural allusions, stereotypes, animosity, insults, and/or demonstrations of hatred or disdain toward social groups or those who identify with those groups can all be considered examples of unlawful harassment.

Sexual Harassment

PMOGI sternly forbids any behavior that can be construed as sexual harassment. Such behavior may include, but is not limited to, unwanted advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical acts of a sexual nature, especially when such behavior has the intention or effect of unreasonably impeding the person’s efforts on behalf of or for the benefit of PMOGI and/or results in the creation of an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment based on sex.

Failure to abide by this Code of Professional Ethics may lead to disciplinary action being taken against a member or certification holder after a conduct investigation.

Complaint Procedure

Anyone who observes a breach of the PMOGI Code of Professional Ethics is encouraged to file a complaint by filling out the form and sending it to

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