Panel Discussion on the PMO Salary Survey 2023

Curious about the latest trends in PMO salaries? Are you excited to delve into insightful discussions with industry experts? PMO Global Institute INC. invites you to our upcoming event: “PMO Salary Survey 2023 Panel Discussion.”



Event Details:

Title: Panel Discussion on PMO Salary Survey 2023

Date: Wednesday, 13 March 2024

Time: 12 pm – 1 pm UK time

Platform: LinkedIn Live (Click here to Join) 


  1. Introduction to PMO Salary Survey 2023, background and findings.
  2. Expert panel discussion on current PMO salary trends.
  3. Regional and industry-specific variations in PMO compensation.
  4. Interactive Q&A session with panelists.


  • Richard A V Clayton, CEO of Teleology Consulting Inc.
  • Abdulla the transformer, CEO of PMO Global Institute
  • Dr. Susie Joseph, CEO of Project Management Learning Center
  • Mahmoud Elsaud, CEO of PMO Concept for Management Consultations, Inc.