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The Programme/Project Management Office (PMO) Guidebook provides universally applicable guidance to PMO Managers and Consultants with the knowledge and skills to develop, refine, and enhance their Programme/Project Management Office (PMO). This book provides a prescriptive guide on planning, building, and running a PMO from scratch or from an existing PMO that requires a reboot. PMOs have been around for many years however, PMO Managers have very few resources to draw from to help them be successful. This guidebook covers the step-by-step process of building, implementing, and running a new or existing PMO. Although this book is tailored to the PMO Manager and Consultants, it will also benefit Portfolio, Program, and Project Managers.

The guidebook details PMO Frameworks that can be used for supportive, controlling and directive PMOs. It also provides guidelines to standardize the project-related governance, processes, and facilitate sharing resources, methodologies, best practices, tools, and techniques. Moreover, it provides all the templates, dashboards, and scorecards required for PMOs and enables project management professionals to equip PMO skills and best practices.

PMO Guidebook

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