PMO Local Community

PMO Local Community of Practice

The objective of the PMO (Project Management Office) Local Community of Practice is to build and engage local PMO professionals by advancing PMO best practices while offering an opportunity for mentorship, networking, knowledge exchange, and support to local PMO professionals.

Members of such a PMO community are the ones who believe in and have a passion for project management practices. It may include individuals working within a PMO as a manager or a member working on a single project, including a project manager, project controller, and others involved in project work.

The absence of a local PMO community hinders PMO professionals’ growth, limiting the extent to which they can network, share knowledge and best practices, and give back to their communities. PMO Global Institute has set a mission to fill this gap by developing non-profit, volunteer-run local PMO chapters worldwide, enabling all PMO professionals to thrive in success and foster the growth of their local communities, having a profound impact with complete PMO solutions.

Currently, PMO Global Institute has 2000+ members in over 100 countries, reflecting the massive potential for local PMO community chapters. We welcome dedicated individuals to join this massive PMO network to drive the desired PMO development in their local communities.

Join over a thousand people

Are you currently looking to expand your current PMO network, engage with PM professionals in your region and ultimately drive change in your local community? The PMO world is changing, and we are looking for dedicated individuals to drive that change in their local community.

Build Your PMO Community with PMO Global Institute's Investment, worth $7000 - $15000/year

Website development

PMOGI will help local PMO Chapters to build a dynamic website free of cost.

Membership Voucher

PMOGI will give 20 full paid ($89) Membership Vouchers on first year

Financial Aid

PMOGI will give financial aid by sponsoring different local events.

PMO Software

PMOGI will give free Access to AI Based PMO Software – Community Version

connect pmo's globally

Local chapter members can connect with  global “PMO Global Consultant Network”

pmo knowledge portal

PMOGI will give access to PMO Knowledge Portal

How to Form Local PMO Chapter?

Members interested in forming a new community chapter must be a “Regular Member” of the PMO Global Institute, and complete and submit a formal chapter formation application. Fill up the following application Form

Eligibility criteria to set up a local PMO community

  • Contain a minimum of 10 members (Where minimum two members should be 10 years of project management experience and three members with 05+ years of project management experience)
  • Website (Sponsored by PMO GI)
  • Commitment to serve and grow local PMO communities to minimum 50 members within one year
  • Previous experience working with volunteers

Benefits of Becoming a Local PMO Community Member..

  • Advance your career/develop your skills: PMO CoP offers project professionals around the world a full suite of budget-friendly training programs, certifications and membership plans to further develop your PMO knowledge, status, recognition and career.

  • Engage with project professionals: PMO CoP is a local “network of expertise” in your region as it facilitates and promotes a professional environment for project managers to connect, network and exchange knowledge and best practices, thus opening up new opportunities for you

  • Give back to your local community: By dedicating your time and expertise to help other project professionals in your community, you help drive positive change and thus positively contribute to your local community – while earning free PDUs

  • Become a leader: The PMO CoP is a space where you challenge the status quo, therefore, identifying new and better ways of doing things on behalf of your project, your client, and your organization. In this way, a PMO CoP is a space where one does not simply follow the status quo of project management, but actively define it.


For PMO Chapter Formation Query/support, please email

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