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  • The Certified Agile PMO Consultant (AGILEPMO-C) is a specialized certification designed for professionals who aim to integrate Agile methodologies within a Project Management Office (PMO). This certification focuses on equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to adapt PMO functions and strategies to support and enhance Agile practices. It is ideal for PMO directors, project managers, and consultants who are looking to drive efficiency and flexibility in project delivery by applying Agile principles at the organizational level.

    This AGILEPMO-C® certification program is based on Agile PMO Practice Guide First Edition and Project Management Office (PMO) Guidebook First Edition (PMOGuidebook®) theory and best practices paired with hands-on, real-world exercises taught by instructors who are experienced, CB-PMO®-certified professionals.

    Length: 16 Hours
    Delivery Method: Instructor Onsite Classroom Training
    PMO-PDU: 16

    Text Book: Agile PMO Practice Guide First Edition (AgilePMO Practice Guide®)


    The Certified Agile PMO Consultant (AGILEPMO-C)® certification is a professional credential designed for individuals seeking to specialize in the integration of agile methodologies within a Project Management Office (PMO) environment. This certification is aimed at professionals who are involved in, or responsible for, transforming PMOs to become more agile, responsive, and aligned with the dynamic needs of modern organizations. It caters to a wide range of professionals including PMO Managers, Program Managers, Portfolio Managers, Project Managers, Agile Coaches, and Consultants who wish to deepen their understanding of agile principles and practices in the context of PMO operations.

    Course Objectives:

    Target Student:

    • PMO/Project/Program/Portfolio professionals and team members
    • PMO Consultants, project managers and Project Management Professionals
    • Project professionals involved in the PMO related activities
    • Project/program/portfolio managers who wants to develop expertise in PMO Roll out projects
    • Any project or PMO stakeholder wishing to better understand how to run, monitor and control services in a high performing PMO setting

    AGILEPMO-C® EXAM  Prerequisites:

    • Certified Baseline PMO Consultant (CB-PMO) or completed CB-PMO Training program from Authorized Business Partner of PMO Global Institute.
    • Any project management professional having at least 10 years of Project Management Experience with proven track record as PMO.
    • Bachelor degree with 7500 hours of leading and directing project management experience or High School Diploma or Associates Degree with 10500 hours of leading and directing project management experience
    • Also, need minimum of 16 hours of formal Agile PMO training from PMO Global Institute authorized programs/trainer to be eligible for the exam

    Key Features of the AGILEPMO-C® Certification

    • Agile PMO Expertise: Focuses on developing specialized knowledge and skills to support the transition and functioning of an agile PMO, ensuring it can facilitate agile projects and programs effectively.
    • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covers essential topics such as agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, Lean), agile transformation strategies for PMOs, agile leadership, value delivery optimization, and the measurement of agile initiatives.
    • Practical Application: Emphasizes real-world application of concepts through case studies, workshops, and interactive sessions, enabling participants to apply what they learn directly to their organizational contexts.
    • Professional Development: Enhances career prospects by providing a recognized certification that demonstrates expertise in agile practices within a PMO setting, addressing a growing demand in industries for agile transformation skills.
    • Networking Opportunities: Offers chances to connect with other professionals and experts in the field of agile and PMO management, facilitating knowledge exchange and professional networking.

    Who Should Pursue the AGILEPMO-C® Certification?

    • PMO Directors: Seeking to lead their PMOs through agile transformations or to enhance the agility of their existing PMO practices.
    • Portfolio Managers: For portfolio managers aiming to elevate their career, this certification stands out as an ideal match
    • Agile Coaches and Consultants: Looking to specialize in PMO transformations and to advise organizations on best practices for integrating agile methodologies at the PMO level.
    • Project and Program Managers: Interested in understanding how agile methodologies can be scaled and applied through the PMO to support broader organizational agility.
    • Senior Executives: Who oversee project management functions and wish to foster an agile culture within their organizations through strategic PMO alignment.

    Benefits of the Certification

    • Enhanced Agility: Equips PMOs to better support agile projects and adapt to changes, improving project delivery times and outcomes.
    • Strategic Alignment: Helps align PMO functions with organizational goals and agile frameworks, ensuring more cohesive and efficient project management practices.
    • Improved Leadership Skills: Develops leadership capabilities to manage agile transformations within PMOs and to lead agile teams effectively.
    • Recognition: Offers a formal recognition of expertise in the niche area of agile PMO management, distinguishing certified individuals in the job market.

    AGILEPMO-C® Certification Benefits:

    • Globally recognized and most respected Agile PMO Certifications
    • Establish your competency and legitimacy in Agile Project Management Office
    • Increase you visibility and become recognized within your organization and peer circle
    • Make use of the best practices in PMO and increase the success rate of your Projects

    Our course package contains:

    • Assistance with your AGILEPMO-C® application processing
    • A 16 hours instructor led course on-site in London
    • Food and snacks during two days of training
    • London Tour
    • Onsite instructor led ToT $2600
    • Exam Voucher Fee of $399 USD


    For more information, to register a course, or get a custom quote, please contact at partner@pmoglobalinstitute.org

  • Introduction to the world of Agility

    • Agile PMO History
    • Agility in managing Uncertainty and Complexity of work
    • Agile PMO – The PMO Transformation
    • Benefits of Agile PMO
    • Agile Manifesto and Mindset
    • Agile Principles
    • Agile Management Life cycle

    The Agile Mastery PMO Framework®

    • Introduction to Agile PMO Framework
      • Strategic Pillars
      • Strategic Visions
      • CB-PMO® Framework
      • Agile Release Increment
      • Benefit / Value Realization
    • Organizational Agility
    • Agile Community of Practice (CoP)
    • Organizational Value Stream (Value Driven Delivery)
    • Agile PMO Tools and Techniques


    • Agile PMO Teams Structure
    • Agile PMO Roles.
    • Scaling Up Agile PMO team

    Agile PMO Way of Work (WoW)

    • Choosing the balanced Development Life Cycle
    • Tailoring the processes and artificers.
    • Focus on controlled continuous improvement
    • Enable needed organizational transformation of agility
    • Defined your team way of working

    Agile PMO Risk Management

    • Risk adjusted backlog
    • Risk burn down graphs
    • Risk-based spike
    • Architectural spike

    Organizational Considerations for Agile PMO

    • Identifying the change agent
    • Organizational Readiness for Agile PMO.

    **Content coverage may vary depending on the course size and duration.

  • Course Scheduling Options:

    Friday (9.00 am – 5.30 pm)
    Saturday (9.00 am – 5.30 pm)
    *For corporate training & group participants, the course scheduled will be planned based on need basis.

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