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Teresa Azar

Program Management and PMO Consultant – Founder and CEO of PMO-Pedia

PMO Global Institute – Authorized Business Partner Instructor

  • PMO-Pedia CB-PMO® Certification Training and Exam – UAE

    Certified Baseline PMO Consultant (CB-PMO®) credential is the most important industry-recognized certification for PMO professionals. Globally recognized and demanded, the CB-PMO® demonstrates that you have the experience, education, and competency to set up, manage, and mature a Project/Program/Portfolio Management Office (PMO).

    This training program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and resources necessary to successfully establish, evaluate, and maintain a PMO in any type of organization. Accredited by the PMO Global Institute, this course will not only provide you with critical knowledge but will also prepare you to take the certification exam and be recognized worldwide for your skills as a Certified Consultant in Project Management Offices (CB-PMO®).

    • Length: 21 Hours
    • Delivery Method: Instructor-Led Live Online Training
    • Professional Development Unit (PDU): 21 hours
    • Textbook: Project Management Office (PMO) Guidebook First Edition (PMO Guidebook®)

    CB-PMO® Certification training program provides professionals with the knowledge, skills, and tools to establish, manage, and optimize project management offices within organizations. Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, participants learn about PMO frameworks, governance, project portfolio management, performance measurement, and continuous improvement strategies. By the end of the course, participants will:

    • Understand the purpose, functions, and benefits of PMOs in supporting organizational goals and project management initiatives.
    • Gain insights into various PMO frameworks, models, and maturity levels to determine the most suitable approach for their organization.
    • Learn how to design and implement effective governance structure and processes to provide oversight, decision-making authority, and accountability within PMOs.
    • Develop skills in prioritizing, selecting, and managing project portfolios aligned with organizational strategies and objectives.
    • Familiarize themselves with the latest tools, techniques, and technologies used in PMOs for project management, reporting performance measurement, and collaboration.
    • Acquire knowledge of change management principles and strategies to effectively manage organizational change associated with PMO implementation and operation.
    • Learn how to define and track key performance indicator (KPIs) to measure PMO performance and project success and communicate insights through effective reporting mechanisms.
    • Enhance leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills essential for driving PMO initiatives, building stakeholders relationships, and fostering collaboration across teams.


    Certified Baseline PMO Consultant (CB-PMO®) certification is a globally recognized credential for project management officers and professionals working in, or associated with, PMO activities and related services. This certification ensures the advanced knowledge to understand how PMO projects get rolled out in practical, complex environments to deliver strategic project initiatives.

    PMO skills are in high demand, and certification confirms your competency. This certification is strongly recommended for your PMO and project team members, Project, Program, and Portfolio Management (PPPM) professionals, PMO consultants, PMO executive sponsors, or any stakeholders who want to better understand how to plan, execute, monitor, and control the successfully delivery of their products and services with a high-performance PMO.

    By the end of the course, participants will have demonstrated the use of the steps and techniques to design, establish, and deliver PMO services. Through a combination of formal training and exam-based knowledge assessment, certified CB-PMO® experts will be able to contribute to the successful operation of a PMO in any organization. The knowledge gained in the course will help you to become a highly trained and highly skilled PMO professional!

    • CB-PMO® course offers a comprehensive overview of essential concepts, strategies, and best practices to establish and manage effective PMOs.
    • Comprehensive training in PMO concepts, frameworks, and best practices.
    • Hans-on learning through interactive sessions, case studies, and exercises.
    • Expert instructions from experienced industry professionals.

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Understand the role of PMOs- gain an understanding of the purpose, functions, and benefits of PMOs
    2. Learn PMO frameworks, models and maturity levels
    3. Develop PMO governance structures and processes to provide oversight, decision-making authority and accountability
    4. Master project portfolio management
    5. Develop performance measurement and reporting
    6. Cultivate leadership and communication skills


    • Project Managers
    • Program Managers
    • Portfolio Managers
    • PMO Managers
    • PMO Analysts
    • Project Engineers
    • Business Managers who demonstrate interest in Project Management


    • Earning the Certified Baseline-PMO (CB-PMO®) Certification from the PMO Global Institute requires fulfilling specific prerequisites:
    • Project Management Experience: Possess a minimum of 5 years of experience in project management.
    • Educational Background: o Hold a Bachelor’s degree with at least 7,500 hours of leading and directing project management activities. o OR o Possess a High School Diploma or Associate’s Degree with a minimum of 10,500 hours of leading and directing project management experience.

    Course-specific Technical Requirements:

    • Computer or Laptop
    • Internet connection
    • Web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge
    • Email account
    • Software Applications such as Microsoft Office
    • Webcam and Microphone
    • Mobile device (optional)

    Benefits to you:

    • Enhance Participants Skills, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of PMO concepts, frameworks, and best practices, enhancing their project management skills and competencies.
    • Career Advancement, certification in PMO demonstrates proficiency in establishing and managing PMOs, providing participants with a competitive edge in the job market and opportunities for career advancement.
    • Increased Participants Marketability, PMO certification enhances participant’s marketability and credibility as project management professionals, making them more attractive to employers seeking qualified candidates for PMO roles.
    • Expand Knowledge, participants gain insights into the latest tools, technologies, and methodologies used in PMOs, expanding their knowledge base and staying current with industry trends and developments.
    • Network Opportunities, the course provides opportunities for participants to connect with industry experts, instructors, and fellow professionals, expanding their professional network and fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.
    • Organizational Impact, participants learn how to establish, manage, and optimize PMOs within organizations, driving improved project outcomes, enhanced efficiency, and increased value delivery.
    • Personal Growth, participants in the PMO course foster personal growth and development, enabling participants to enrich leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills essential for success in project management roles.
    • Recognition and Validation, PMO certification validates participant’s expertise and proficiency in PMO practices, providing recognition for their achievements and contributions to the field of project management.

    CB-PMO® Certification Benefits:

    • Global Recognition of PMO certification
    • Credibility, enhanced credibility in the field of project management
    • Competitive advantage in the job market
    • Increased earning potential
    • Opportunities for career advancement
    • Networking opportunities with industry peers
    • Continuous professional development and growth

    Course package contains:

    PMO-Pedia – CB-PMO® Certification package includes:

    • CB-PMO® Live Instructor Led Online Training
    • CB-PMO® Exam Voucher US$ 499 / First Attempt
    • CB-PMO® Exam Simulator –US$ 149
    • AI PMO Software –Limited Edition PMO Global Institute Membership US$ 89/First year
    • PMOGuidebook® – Edition Digital- V1.1
    • 21 PDUs

    For more information on training course, please contact at:

  • 4 Days –

    Day 1:

    • Review PMO Case Study and Draft PMO Charter
    • Introduction to PMOGI and the CB-PMO® – Overview of PMOGI®, the PMO Guidebook®, PMO Framework®, and CB-PMO® Exam.
    • Foundation Layer – Serves as the core building block of the PMO Framework® offered by the PMO Global Institute (PMOGI®).
    • It establishes the fundamental principles and structures that guide the setup, operation, and continuous improvement of a PMO.

    Day 2:

    • Foundation Layer (Continued) – Key areas of the PMO addressed include Business Objective, Strategy, Health Check, Maturity Assessment, Functions, Roadmap, and Charter.
    • Executable Layer (PMO Framework®) – Covers the practical aspects of operating a PMO and ensuring it delivers tangible value to the organization.

    Day 3:

    • Key areas addressed include Policies, Procedures, and Governance (2PG), Proof of Concept (PoC), KPIs, Roles and Competencies, and Return on Investment (ROI)
    • Executable Layer (PMO Framework®) (Continued) – Key areas addressed include Policies, Procedures, and Governance (2PG), Proof of Concept (PoC), KPIs, Roles and Competencies, and Return on Investment (ROI)

    Day 4:

    • Supporting Layer – Addresses the infrastructure and resources necessary for the PMO to function smoothly and efficiently. – Key areas addressed include Team Structure, Succession Planning, Supporting Functions, PMO Structures/Types, Agile PMOs, Models/Methods/Artifacts, Stakeholder Management, Environment, and PMO Technology Stack.
    • Leadership Layer – Addresses the importance of leadership in driving the PMO’s strategic direction, ensuring effective team management, and achieving successful project outcomes. – Key areas addressed include PMO Leadership, Executive Sponsorship, and Emotional Intelligence.
    • Preparing for the CB-PMO® Exam – Covers the exam format and types of questions. – Review of the key concepts and best practices in preparing for the exam. – Practice exams and question-solving techniques.

  • Course Scheduling Options:

    • DATE: 2024 – May 18, 19 and May 25,26 (Weekend batch)
    • TIME: 9:00am to 2:00pm EST, GST (Virtual Online)

    Price Details:

    • Early Bird: US$ 999 (till May 1st)
    • Full price: US$ 1,199 (from May 1st till May 17th)
    For registration and special groups discount, please contact:

  • Teresa Azar

    Program Management and PMO Consultant – Founder and CEO of PMO-Pedia

    PMO Global Institute – Authorized Business Partner Instructor

Course Scheduling Options:

  • DATE: 2024 – May 18, 19 and May 25,26 (Weekend batch)
  • TIME: 9:00am to 2:00pm EST, GST (Virtual Online)

Price Details:

  • Early Bird: US$ 999 (till May 1st)
  • Full price: US$ 1,199 (from May 1st till May 17th)
For registration and special groups discount, please contact:

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