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PMO The Ultimate Guideline

PMO PMO is a department that defines and maintains the project measures over the organizations. The project management may have an internal or external. However, It may also suggest reporting the progress to the team member and ensuring the project support to end successfully. What does PMO stand for? Nowadays, Project management office  is very […]

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Best PMO Certificate

Best PMO Certificate in 2022 What is a PMO certificate? A certificate is a document issued by the specialist company to an individual who qualifies for the specific degree. Similarly, PMO certificates provide certification to individuals who are capable of performing PMO tasks. In this regard, it is an essential certification for anyone seeking a […]

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Best PMO Institute

Best PMO Institute in the world in 2022 PMO global institute is a world-class PMO institute that provides professional PMO consulting and training to companies of all sizes. After many years of experience, the institute has developed the most effective and efficient PMO methods available. What is PMO ? An organization’s project management office (PMO) […]

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PMO Global Institute Inc. Appoints Abdulla Al Mamun as the New Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

PMO Global Institute Inc. Appoints Abdulla Al Mamun as the New Chief Executive Officer (CEO) PMO global Institute Corporation, the global PMO Certification body appointed Mr. Abdulla Al Mamun as the Chief Executive Officer. Previously he was the acting CEO of the PMO Global Institute. Abdulla is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and a passionate […]

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