User Tutorial

PMOGI User Tutorial

Step by Step User Tutorial

How to Apply for CB-PMO® Certification Exam with Accesskey?

  • Login to Membership portal:
  • Click on CB-PMO (Apply for the Exam) from the Application panel
  • Once your Application is approved, Click on – (Pay for the Exam)
  • Select – Apply Accesskey
  • Choose your Exam date

How to Upgrade to Full Membership Using Accesskey?

  • Login to Membership portal:
  • Click on Upgrade Membership
  • Choose the Regular Membership and then click the button below (Join PMOGI)
  • Click on Apply Accesskey
  • Put the right Accesskey in the Apply Accesskey box below, then press the Submit Payment button

How to Apply Accesskey for CB-PMO® Exam Simulator?

  • Login to Membership portal:
  • Navigate to – Learning portal
  • At the top click on the drop-down button (Classroom) and then select – Practice quiz
  • Click on the Green button (Add Quiz)
  • Put the Practice quiz (Accesskey)

How to give Accesskey to students from the PMOGI Partner portal?

  • Login to Partner portal:
  • Go to (Grant Access) from the dashboard and click on Access keys
  • Select the type of Access key that you want to give access to your student
  • Fill-up the table with the students details and then click on (Grant Accesskey) button

How does the product referral system work?

  • Login to Partner portal:
  • Go to Refer- Refer option from the left
  • Put the participants/users email address
  • Select product and then select package
  • Click on the send button below and participants/users will receive a system generated email with your referral registration link.
  • Or click on the (copy link) button at the right side of your dashboard to send the link manually to your participants.
  • Go to the refer list option, you will be able to see the list of your user/participants
  • Resend the email by simply clicking on the resend button at the right side of your dashboard.
  • You can also Create the Referral link from the Home screen of your dashboard

How to purchase a Product or Access key?

  • Log in to Partner Portal:
  • Navigate to drop down button (bulk purchase)
  • Select product purchase 
  • Fill up the table with the necessary information 
  • Select the product and package 
  • Put the quantity and write description 
  • You will be able to see the total amount and the payment option to choose 
  • Click on pay now 

How to purchase Accesskey:

  • Click on the drop down button (bulk purchase) and select access key purchase
  • Select your product or license PMO Global Institute 
  • Check from the Radio Button that you want to purchase the access key for.
  • Select the package, put the quantity and  write the description.
  • Select your payment method and finally click on the pay now button.

How to register for a Certification course?

  • Login to Partner portal:
  • Navigate to Course register then select Course register list
  • Click on – Add Courses
  • Select the particular course type you are going to offer
  • You will be able to see the automatically generated – PDU Claim Code
  • Put your Course name, add description
  • Select Starting and Ending course dates
  • Fill up with all the necessary information and Submit it
  • Once you Submit it, it will reach the Admin for approval.
  • Once it is approved, you will be able to see the details of the course if it is Approved.
  • Email to: to publish your Training batch details from the PMOGI Website

How to register a Volunteer position and track volunteer Applications?

  • Login to Partner portal:
  • Navigate to Community option and select Volunteer list
  • Click on – Add Volunteer from the top right button
  • Fill up the lists with all the necessary information & Submit it.
  • Once you Submit it, our Community engagement Manager will review it and Approve
  • Once it is Approved, you can make it public and see the details in Volunteer Application List
  • You will be able to see how many Applicants have applied through a particular job circular.

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